Well, there is not going to be a baby goat here at the Garretts this year. i have to admit that on top of everything else that had happened in the last couple of months, I let that throw me for a loop for a while. It wasn’t just the baby goat, it was that there wasn’t going to be any milk, and I was going to be feeding a goat with very title return for over a year. I love JarJar, she is practically a pet, but I really was not looking forward to spending all that money on feed and hay and having nothing to show for it in return.

Then, about a week ago, I got a call from my friend Tina. Her mother had a doe they really didn’t need, a first freshener. She was weaning her baby, but if I wanted her and thought I could get her milk production back up, they would sell her to me! So I called Sean. It really shows how much he loves me, that he agreed we could get her, even though it meant that he was going to have to build more fence, and he hates to build fence. So on Saturday, Tina and Bob brought my new girl, Sally, over.

Now, JarJar has been alone since I got her from Tina last year. She isn’t the most social of goats. She is big, and she demands to be the boss, so we knew we would have our hands full. Sally had been the boss over at Tina’s Mom’s house, so a struggle was inevitable. However, Sally is maybe half, generously, the size of JarJar. So after a little bit of head butting the fight for dominance was over. JarJar is the queen bee. By the next day, they were a herd. We clip the lead to JarJar, open the gate, and off they go. Where you lead JarJar, Sally follows. I have to milk Sally first though, or my hands are so tired I can’t get them both milked. I wormed her on Saturday, so today was the first day I could use the milk. I got a half a gallon of milk this morning! They are both climbing in milk production, although if JarJar would end the false pregnancy, I’m sure she would fully come into milk and I would have a lot of milk. It just isn’t happening though, and I am so thankful that I have Sally.

Here is a picture of JarJar on the milk stand. I LOVE the milk stand. No one is head butting me, or trying to escape mid milking. I trimmed hooves yesterday, and the milk stand made it a breeze!!

Here are the girls together.

I thought I’d throw in a couple of pictures of the garden as well. It is really coming along well with all the rain we have had this spring. I don’t ever remember it raining this much in the spring before, but I’m thankful for it.

Romaine lettuce in the cold frame.

The tomatoes

All that white at the base of the caged plants is from a bag of wool that someone kindly gave me. It was too short and dirty to spin, but it made great, great mulch. I wish I had about 6 more bags of it. It has felted together with all the rain, and it keeps moisture in, and weeds out. Plus, once tilled into the ground, it will decompose and enrich the soil.

The first banana pepper. I didn’t have much luck with peppers last year, but they are doing great this year. I have planted at least 5 varieties; hot banana, cayenne, sweet cherry, hot cherry and anaheim. I also think that there are some yellow bell peppers down there somewhere.

Well, that is about all going on on the home front. I have big design news though, hopefully I can post about that tomrrow.