This is my new knit design, the Clematis Beret

The Clematis holds a special place in my heart. It is usually the color of amethyst, my birthstone. My grandmother always had one climbing up the corner of her porch, and now I have them climbing up the corner of mine. The lacy cables on this beret twist and climb up the side, just like the vines of those clematis plants. The decreases at the top form wide pointed petals reminiscent of the clematis petals.

Originally knit in madelainetosh pashmina yarn, I also have submitted this as a proposal to Knit Picks for their Independent Designers Program. I love working with them, and they are considering it for their program. I am waiting on yarn support from them, while getting test knitting done. Once I am sure it works in Knit Picks yarn, I will have it tech edited and then submit the finished beret to them. At some point in all that, it will go live on Ravelry as well. While I loved working with the madelainetosh yarn, I don’t have money for yarn purchases like that very often. I find Knit Picks yarn to be affordable and a pleasure to work with, so I really hope it gets picked up by them.

I have had a lot of positive response to this beret. That really is exciting for me. I enjoy knitting and designing so much, it is a thrill when other people respond to my efforts. It really is a blessing!