When I started the test knit for the Clematis Beret, another project that was being tested was the Sothia Shawl, an absolutely beautiful shawl by Robin Ulrich. It is such a pretty shawl, but I just know I don’t wear a lot of shawls. I might knit that one, I have two yarns that would be just fabulous in it, in colors I love, but not now. In poking around her other designs though, I came across the Lesia Loop. Now there is a project that I can use! Buttoned in different ways, it can be used as a wrap, a scarf, a poncho kind of thing, so many ways to wear it, but I only had to knit it once.

I knit it using Mini Mochi, a yarn that I have had a lot of trouble finding a project for. I loved the colors, but I don’t like variegated or striped yarns much. Tonal variegations I love, but I just don’t often like the way a wildly colored yarn looks when it is knit up, no matter how much I like how it looks in the skein or wound into a ball. I bought the mini mochi to knit a pair of Fair Isle gloves, but just couldn’t get into the project.

However, for this project, it was perfect…

I love it! It was a relatively quick knit, it took me about three weeks, working on it an hour or two in the evenings, and not even all evenings. Then one day after VBS when I declared a day off I finished it! I can’t wait to wear it this winter.

In other news…my Clematis Beret has been accepted into the Knit Picks Independent Designers Program! Yeah!!!!!! They have all the elements they need for it, and hopefully it will go live on their site very very soon!