Well, I had a lot of stuff happen before and after VBS that I just haven’t had time to blog about. With tons of milk that piles up in the fridge if I don’t make it into something, actually physically milking the goats, and harvesting a lot of peppers and tomatoes, I just haven’t had a lot of time to blog. Tonight, though, I have a headache. It is keeping me awake. Unlucky for me, but maybe lucky for you, because I’ll write a catch up post! Hopefully, it makes sense, haha.

The really big thing that happened before VBS is that we spent a Saturday fencing in some of the area behind the house for a goat yard. Up until this point, I had been letting the goats browse for about an hour in the evening after I milked them, and giving them a lot of hay. That was kind of crazy, especially since there is so much browse back behind the house, consisting of woods, woods and more woods. Along with grape vines, some kind of creeping thorny vine the goats absolutely love, and sassafras. Sassafras is goat crack. They would leave goat hoof prints on my back if I was standing between them and the tasty sassafras.

So thanks to my absolutely wonderful, kind and benevolent Father in Law (Hi, Chad!!) we got up one Saturday morning and got to work. They would roll out about a 100 feet of fence, Chad would pull it tight with the tractor and some fabulous fence puller Big Chad had made, and then we would fasten it to t-posts that the boys drove into the ground with the fence post driver that Big Chad also had made.

I don’t know what we would do without him.

That was the easy part too. One day earlier in the week, Big Chad (FIL) and Little Chad (my son) had dug post holes, put in metal posts, cemented them, and then welded cross bars on them for the corners.

It was a lot of work, mostly for the men. After it was done though, the goats had a marvelous new yard.

(There were more pics…however, they were not very flattering, mostly to me…I left those out!)

The only problem was, they wouldn’t actually go out in the yard unless I went out there with them. That totally defeated the purpose. They were so used to me standing out there watching them while they browsed, I don’t think they thought they could do it without me. Now that a few weeks have gone by, they have started going out there by themselves though. I think it is cooler out there in the shade than it is up closer to the house in the goat barn.

Now, the goats are happy to go back to their little yard after milking. I’m so happy for them, and so thankful for my Father In Law..

In our next installment, A Surprise package from my mother!!