I was recently introduced to the archiving/kind of social site Pinterest. (I am JanGarrettKnits on there. Let me know if you want an invite!)  Obsession is putting it mildly. People pin things that interest them, and then those things show up in your feed, either just boards you are following, or everything, even just by topic, such as photography or arts and crafts. There are so many interesting things that I have found, that I would never have found on my own.  My favorite thing so far is a coffee table made out of two pallets that I think would look wonderful on my porch, once I get rid of all the stuff out there cluttering things up. We need someplace out there to put our whatever we are drinking, and to keep important things  on instead of laying them in our chair seats! I’m always afraid someone will sit on my iPad!

The other big thing around here has been the heat. It has been so hot, for so long. I know in my head that every year is the same thing, but I always convince myself that this is going to be the summer when we just have a few days of really hot weather instead of a few weeks (or months, groan) of it. The one thing I really miss about living farther north is the cooler summer weather.  My garden, although I have watered it as often as I can, is just about dead. The tomatoes and peppers are still alive, although the tomatoes are not producing right now. I’m hoping I can keep them alive until it cools off and they start to set and produce fruit again.  The peppers are producing, although the peppers aren’t as big as they were the beginning of the season.

Well, that’s about all.  Two posts in one day! Amazing.