I have just finished my newest design, the Ephemeral Wrap. I have been working on this design for over a month now. I finished the first prototype, and It was just a little bit off. Now that I have done some tweaking, and reknit it (whew, that’s a lot of knitting!) I think it is just right!

Right now the pattern is being test knit. Test knitting is interesting. I always dread it, but it is always worth it. My test knitters for the Ephemeral Wrap are phenomenal!

So, a picture?

As you can see, the Ephemeral wrap does more than just lie across your shoulders or around your neck like a scarf. Detachable buttons make it possible to wear it buttoned up like a hood, with the ends tucked securely in your coat for warmth, or as a capelet worn with the opening at the front or over one shoulder. Wear it as a cowl on a cold winters day, or as a shrug over a long sleeved t-shirt. with the Ephemeral Wrap , you get a lot of pay back for your knitting investment! It has been fun to work on it, but I’m glad it is almost ready for release.

Since I finished the wrap, my knitting has been mostly back to mittens and hats for the kids. I am working on Reagan’s mittens and can’t wait to show them to you. I decided instead of getting fancy with the stitches, I would knit the mittens plain and then embroider them. I don’t have much experience with embroidery, but I checked a couple of books out of the library, and I am making progress. I really like the way they are turning out. Still a work in progress, though, so I will wait until I am done to show you the finished objects.