This week has been a whirlwind.   It was a long, wet trip back from WV, which made the fact that I was sad to leave my mom and sister to come back to Oklahoma that much more miserable.  I already miss them.   We pulled in at dusk. Unloading the suitcases and things is pretty routine, but by the time we were ready to unload the loom, it was pitch black.  We were making due with flashlights when FIL pulled up and used his car headlights to illuminate things a bit more.  With all that light, it was no problem getting the loom off the truck and onto the porch.


Getting the loom from the porch into the living room was another story altogether! You’d think with all the weavers on the internet, someone would have a step by step illustrated blog post about how to do that, but if they do, I couldn’t find it.  I emailed my friend Coleen a few times, and had a general idea of how we might make it work.  My plan was to take off the three boards that brace the back of the loom,  take off the sectional beam, (with the warp on it!) flip it up over the top of the loom and then ease it around the door jamb like you might a sofa.  It was a great plan.  However, we couldn’t get the screws on the bottom board that braces the back to budge at all.  I mean, they weren’t moving anywhere! 

So we turned our attentions to the front of the loom.  We took off the breast board, loosened the treadles and tried that, but it didn’t give us enough wiggle room.  We were going to have to take off the take up roll.  The first time we tried, I didn’t think that was going to happen either, but we loosened the bolts that held the cross beams, and the next time we tried, we could spread the two sides apart far enough to get the take up roll off.  It still took some maneuvering, but we did it.  The we slid the loom around the jam like we had planned, no problem!  Once it was in the house, it all went together lickety split.  Then I just had to readjust some things, like the connections to the treadles and unsnag some of the warp, and it was good to go. 

That doesn’t mean I know how to use it, however.  Learning to weave is going to take some time that I don’t have right now. Maybe next week I will have time to play with it a little bit.



Isn’t it pretty? This is a Leesburg 102 loom. I love it.  My Uncle Pete made the bench, and I love it too! That rug on there, I didn’t start, it is a rug my cousin Charlie started.  I am probably just going to pick up there, and see how I do.  I need to get a feel for it before I start a project.


So this weekend is the Arkansas Fiber Extravaganza! I will be there with Sue from Heaven Sent Food and Fiber, so if you’re there, come say hi!