Its been a long time since I posted to my blog.  The kids have all graduated high school, and as that day approached, I found that I had a lot of questions about what I was going to do with my life.   I thought about a lot of things. I need to have a “job” that is portable, because Sean would like to travel.  I really want to make things, beautiful things, with my hands.  I wanted to use the skills I already have, instead of having to learn an entirely new set of skills.  If I can teach occasionally, that would be great. 

So, despite the fact that there are probably hundreds of others out there trying it, I decided I would open an Etsy shop. I am going to start very, very small, and see what happens.  I knew I wanted to begin by trying to sell some hand prepped fiber, because I feel like commercially prepared top and roving has just had the life beat out of it.  There is nothing like working with  hand prepped fiber, full of the bounce and life wool has when it has been treated gently since it was shorn off the sheep.  

So, I have washed over 20 lbs of wool in the last few weeks, and have started processing it on my drum carder and viking combs. I have purchased dyes and the other things needed for new dyeing adventures. I have done a LOT of research. One question leads to another, and before you know it, you’ve rabbit hopped all over the internet finding answers to questions you didn’t know you had an hour ago. I love that adventure more than I remembered. It feels so wonderfuly freeing to be on that adventure for myself again; it is intoxicating!  

I want to talk about it, though. No one here, as much as they love me, is particularly keen to hear about how I figured out how to use the copper/ammonia mixture that has been percolating under the sink for the last 6 or so years to mordant fiber for natural dying.  They don’t care too awful much about seeing my dying notebook, or looking at the 12 beautiful Corriedale batts that are waiting for me to mix up dye stock and dye them so that they can then be turned into art batts.  So I have turned once again to my fiber blog. Even if I am just talking to myself, I will at least be sharing my knowledge, and that is important to me.  Let me know if you enjoy it!