I always have so much trouble thinking of titles for posts!  Since I don’t have much time this morning to think of catchy titles, Felting will have to do.  Mainly because it’s the only thing I have had time to do all week. 

It is VBS week at church. Always lots of fun, if a little weird this year now that all three kids are graduated and out working. Reagan may go with me tomorrow, I am providing lunch for the youth workers, and it would be nice for her to go, since it’s going to be a tight squeeze time wise between the time my class is over and time for lunch. I have a plan though, so it should be fine, 

Since Christian Youth in Action are teaching the actual lessons this year, I have just been observing. It is hard for me to just sit, so yesterday I cast on a felted bag to hang on my spinning wheel. Fiber Christmas is coming up at the end of next week and I wanted a nice bag to hold all my essentials so I was constantly digging through my spinning box.  I knew it was going to knit up fast before I had gotten very far, the knitting was just flying.  I had the main knitting done by the end of my class, and I finished up binding off and the I-cord after my nap (even observing preschoolers is pretty exhausting!)  I felted it while I was cooking dinner, and voila!..

The only thing I might change is I might over dye it. The color is not the bold, saturated color I’d like. However, you use the yarn you have, and this is what I had.  The bag holds my WPI tool and card, an extra whorl,  the screw driver for the tiny screws on the footmen, and my oil bottle. I might add enough linen cord for another drive band, if I can figure out a way to keep it from getting all tangled up in there.  I think it turned out so nice. I have another skein of plain grey yarn from the same brand, and I am thinking about knitting a slightly larger bag and using it to hold a knitting project on the go. 

So, now I am ready for Fiber Christmas in July.  I just have to wait a little over a week!! I have lots of fleece coming in the mail though, so I think I’ll have plenty to do to fill the time. Hopefully I’ll have something to show you on that front soon!