I have been using a set of Indigo Hound Viking combs for quite a while, since soon after I started spinning. They work well, but weren’t quite handling the wool I am trying to prep for my Etsy shop.  So, when I spotted a set of Blue Mountain Handcrafts combs for sale on a Facebook group for a fraction (22%, I checked!) of a new set,  I had to grab them. 

I’ve looked at  these combs frequently because they are just so beautiful and well made . However, they command a high price, and there is a waiting list to get a set. You can’t even put your name on the list until January 2018! I knew I couldn’t afford them, so I have just admired them from afar.  I can’t believe now that I actually have a set and can admire them in person! It was such a blessing to have been able to get these! I’m so thankful to have them!