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I️ sold my first couple of items off Etsy last week! I️ hope the purchaser loves them. Sending things I️ made out into the world is a little nerve wracking.

I️ finished knitting my swatches for some new knitting patterns. I️ needed ideas for a few projects, which wasn’t the hard part. I️ have an abundance of knitting ideas. I️ just couldn’t get them to translate into stitch patterns that looked right. So I️ ended up knitting all week and watching a ton of Netflix. I️ need to start planning in some exercise time. All that sitting made me feel sluggish.

Today I️ have a doctors appointment and an appointment to talk about the patterns I️ am designing with the yarn manufacturer. We are friends, so it’s not a high pressure situation. Just hoping they like some of the ideas. I️ also need to get more items photographed for Etsy this week, and listed. I️ think I️ am going to be busy.

The leaves are falling quickly here in Oklahoma. It’s getting chilly too. I️ love this time of year!



Working on a few swatches for new patterns using Heaven Sent Food and Fibers merino/bamboo/silk fingering weight yarn. It comes in 300 yard skeins. It is absolutely buttery soft and the color is fantastic! I’m in love! 

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