I think the most important thing when you are reading the written word of someone else is to know where they are coming from. So what are the most important things to know about me if you are reading my blog?

By far the most important thing about me is that I have an all-powerful, forgiving, loving God. Even though I am still failing everyday to live up to His expectations of me, He just keeps loving me, keeps forgiving me. It’s reassuring, to know that even when my friends and family are fed up with the fact that I just don’t seem to get it, He’s still there, patiently loving me, patiently leading me through His word to a better life. I certianly don’t deserve it, certainly could never earn His love or His forgiveness, and yet He sent His son to die on a cross so He could forgive me anyway. The good news is, He loves you exactly the same way! He’ll forgive you too, He’s waiting for you right now.

I have a husband who shares my life. We have been married 19 years. I don’t know why he puts up with me either, and I am sure there are times he himself wonders why. We have our tiffs and spats, and then we thank God that we can get on the other side of it still loving each other and unable to imagine life apart. Sean is funny, he can really keep me laughing. Sometimes I can tell others don’t get his humor, and sometimes I can’t laugh out loud when he makes innappropriate jokes, but I’m always rolling on the inside. He’s brave where I’m timid, outgoing where I’m shy, adventurous when I would rather stay home, but it works for us.

We have three kids, who are homeschooled. Homeschooling can be scary, and sometimes you really doubt yourself and your ability to do a good job, but the kids are really starting to blossom. In the end, I know it is the right thing to do, for our family, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I used to be an avid reader, there was never a moment of my waking day when I didn’t have my nose in a book. I’m so busy now, though, that it takes a really spectacular book to hold my attention. I do find time for spinning, dyeing and knitting, and those are the things that get my creative side going. This started as a fiber blog, but hopefully will now take a more personal turn.