I have changed my camera again!! I was talking to my wonderful little brother, Rocky, about what features I would absolutely have to have in a DSLR, and he sent me his old one! I am now the proud caretaker of a Canon Rebel xTi DSLR! Oh, I love it. It does not have live view, and it is causing me to really look at my composition before I take a picture. It doesn’t have a lot of the stuff that fancier DSLR’s have, but I really don’t think I need those things. I am going to use this one until it just won’t take another picture.

Since Sean didn’t have to buy a camera for me, he bought me a lens for the Canon. It is a 50mm 1.4. It is an incredible lens and I am really enjoying it along with the two lenses that Rocky sent me.

So, big Shout Out and thank you to Rocky! You’re a gem!