In November of 2011, we went home to visit family in WV. We rented a truck, because we knew we would be bringing home a loom. My Aunt Janice and Aunt Cookie owned the loom, and had decided they were done with it, which is sad. What is not sad, is that they fulfilled a life time dream of mine to own a loom. I can remember playing under a loom while Grandma Anderson wove on it, and Aunt Janice, at the very least. I remember some place mats that my Aunt Cookie wove for my mother, that she loved. There has always been a mystique about weaving to me. So when they said that if I wanted it to come get it, I was thrilled.

Unfortunately, it took me a long time to go get it. We just don’t get to go home as often as I would like. Finally though, we were leaving for home the next day and it was time to load the loom in the truck. It had been stored temporarily in the garage, so we backed up to the door and they just lifted the loom and slid it right in the truck. We wrapped it in tarps and secured it with bungee cords. When we got ready to leave the hotel the next morning, we stored as much stuff as we could under the loom and tarps, and everything else in around it.

We got on the road. And then it started to rain. It rained all the way from WV to Oklahoma. Several times, we almost lost the tarps, and we’d have to pull off to the side of the road. Sean and Chad would get out and grumble and shout. They’d crawl around trying to get the tarp as secure as possible. We used a roll of duct tape trying to really secure stuff down. And finally we made it home, and in the dark, the loom was lifted off the truck in onto the front porch. To tired to deal with it that night, there it sat.

We knew we had to get it in the house before it started to rust, so the next day we made our first attempt. We removed a piece or two, and moved it next to the door, but that was a no go. Finally, we removed the roller, slid the loom on to its side, and swung first side and then the other through the door, like a u. It worked!! The loom was in the building!! I was so excited! We put it back together and moved it into the living room, where it will have to stay. There isn’t any other place for it in this house, at least until the boys move out.

So, do I love it? I do. I have gone through all the warp that was on it when it came, and I have bought another 48 rolls of warp. That should keep me busy for a little while.