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To Weave!! Finally got new warp on the loom. To save money, I bought poly cotton warp. Never again. Took the skin right off my pinkys when I was tightening it after tying on. Ouch! It is pretty though. I can't wait to see it with weft!



Photo A Day August 12-14

I could not get the photo Sunday to load,Then yesterday I got busy and didn't take any pictures. So today is a catch up day!


Day 12: Spoon. This theme didn't thrill me at all. I could not think of one creative thing to do. I do love this spoon though, my mom bought it for me at the mountain State Art and Craft Fair!


Day 13: Simple. So many things in my life are simple. I like things the simpler the better. This is one of my favorites, simply sitting in the front yard, listening to birds and bugs.



Day 14: Arrow. This theme might have been easier in the city where signs with arrows abound. I ended up having to make my own! That's okay, though, I Love DIY.

It's finally starting to cool down a little here. Our high was below 90 degrees today for the first time in a very long time. It was such a relief! I hope there are lots more days like that in the near future.


You'd think there would be more purple in this house. Finally settled on this picture that honestly…I took a few days ago when it was raining. (!) I took pictures today, but they are soooo boring. Believe me, you're glad I posted this one!



I could have completed the “messy” challenge in any room of my house today. I decided to show you my footstool where I keep my knitting projects. I am knitting from a huge skein of yarn, and it is really a mess.


I have lots of glasses. I've been wearing them since Second Grade.



From my Bible journal. It might seem silly, copying things directly from the Bible into my journal, but writing things down helps me memorize them, and it is also extremely calming for me.

Maybe should have gone for a tad more depth of field so that the entire milking stool was in focus?

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